J.W.C. Inc. - We handle all your computer, cable and telephone needs.
Is your business a hotspot or a notspot?
Public Wi-Fi Drives Traffic!
Complete systems available starting at $499

J.W.C. Inc. andCheckBox offer a
User Validation Server & Ticket Manager Access Management System.
Public Wireless Internet Access you provide your Customers, Clients & Guests.
Why offer Wireless Internet to your customers and guests? Smartphones, tablets, portable games systems, laptops... How many of your customers carry these devices? Offering Wireless Internet is a great way to attract and retain customers and potential customers.
CheckBox is a powerful router that can manage hundreds of both wireless and wired clients simultaneously.
CheckBox allows you to control who can use your internet connection and for how long.

It's all yours - Unlike systems from other providers, users do not have to pre-subscribe to a monthly plan - they can purchase access on an impulse. These providers keep the lion's share of the revenue, and allow users to roam across locations, including to competitors locations.
CheckBox lets you keep the revenue, all of the revenue, and the customers. And of course, you can give it away for free if you wish. Call us today and ask how, 352-342-7706.

CheckBox and J.W.C. Inc. makes offering Wireless Internet easy & inexpensive:
  • Quick & Easy setup
  • 100% property controlled
  • No required recurring fees, except Internet access from the ISP of your choice.

Includes preconfigured server and software, access point, cabling and standard support as well as window/counter stickers and step-by-step instructions.

All of the ticketing and control is handled locally by the system, not remotely by a service provider. With CheckBox, your WiFi is not dependent on a remote server hosted by a service provider. This means much lower operating costs for you, less down time for your system and no loss of service should your service provider fail.

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Have questions? Call us today, 352-342-7706.

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