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Software Installation and Training

JWC provides extensive software training and support. Through an on-site consultation we will customize a plan for your training and support needs. You and/or your staff will learn how to operate your systems and provide ongoing support by telephone or on site. If you prefer to bring your notebook computer to us, training and support can be conducted at our offices. Many clients utilize regular on-site services for monthly maintenance. Our specialists can do as much or as little work as you require with one-on-one personal attention.

Computer Repair

JWC Computer Repair - Everyone that has used a computer on a regular basis knows that they are far from perfect, and occasionally components need to be repaired or replaced. JWC has a full technical staff ready to help you with any computer problem. Our team will diagnose your problem, offer a solution, and provide recommendations for future upgrades. With rates as low as $50.00 for an on-site evaluation, our rates are among the most affordable in the area! If you would like to schedule an on-site visit with our repair team, please email us or give us a call at 352-342-7706.

10 Point Computer Check-Up

  • Update Motherboard Drivers
  • Check Device Manager - Check for errors and correct drivers
  • Check for adequate drive space
  • Standard Scan Disk - Check for lost clusters, lost file fragments, cross-linked files, invalid file names, drive errors including bad sectors
  • Startup Check - Look for potential startup problems in system startup files
  • Performance Enhancement - Startup Clutter Removal
  • Clean inside system - Remove cover and air-blow inside computer system for dust removal
  • Check Adapter Card connections - Check and re-seat if necessary
  • Check heat-related Issues - Most CPU failures are due to CPU fan failure or other heat-related issues
  • Check Virus Software - Update virus anti-virus definition files files if necessary

Cisco Solutions for Small Business by J.W.C. Inc., a Cisco Registered Partner
Wireless LAN Setup

JWC designs, installs and troubleshoots wireless local area networks (WLANs) for business and government organizations. JWC has installed networks in warehouses, offices, hospitals, schools, factories, and retail properties. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, medium and small businesses, and government agencies. If you already have a network, a wireless performance and security audit will quickly pinpoint and fix problems with your hardware, firmware, and software, ensuring optimal performance. JWC also provides training and documentation so your IT staff can efficiently maintain your wireless network.

Virus Detection and Removal

JWC uses state-of-the-art virus detection engines which can detect and remove or quarantine virtually all known viruses or Trojan horses. We can provide these engines for daily use in your office as well as provide detection and removal using our boot disks. This allows us high success rates in removal of viruses that have installed themselves into the core files of your operating system.

Network Procurement

JWC furnishes complete procurement support to help you acquire the best solution for your network requirements at competitive prices. We maintain business relationships with most major hardware and software vendors. This independence positions us to help you procure the best solutions - not solutions driven by special alliances with a few vendors. JWC's extensive connections and resources also let us provide network capability and value-added services - enabling us to deliver global solutions even under the most demanding of deadlines.

Network Design

JWC provides design solutions to support growth and change with flexible and scalable network environments. Applying our experience and proven design tools we perform a full-range of consulting and design tasks.

First, our design specialists work with you to define your requirements for network...

  • Capacity
  • Functionality
  • Equipment
  • Reliability

We use our in-house analysis, modeling and simulation tools to assess your current network environment and evaluate the performance of enhancements and upgrades. We help you determine the right solution. This may include dedicated private or shared networks, virtual private networks, intranets or the Internet.

Next, we develop an overall architecture and high-level engineering design to serve as a road map for detailed engineering. We can even build modeling and simulation support into your solution - applying our suite of network simulation tools to deliver end-to-end predictive performance.

Network Engineering

Once a design has been completed, JWC supplies the engineering capabilities to produce a detailed network architecture, high-level bill of materials and implementation guidelines.

To make sure every detail is covered we employ a comprehensive approach that identifies objectives for all phases of the network life cycle. In this way, before an upgrade is made, our engineers assess factors such as the upgrade's impact on...

  • Existing applications
  • New interface and configuration requirements
  • Personnel responsibilities for configuration change and control
  • Network management considerations
  • Possible training needs

By making factors like these part of network engineering, JWC helps its clients achieve maximum network performance - and avoid costly surprises down the road.

Computer Network Installation

Computer network installation & support service quality is often the determining factor in the success of a typical business network. JWC specializes in providing complete IT solutions to business. Our unique solution is revolutionary because we combine a complete range of remote and on-site support services with a rental based hardware and software equipment solution. JWC will show you how you can achieve best value from your computer network installation and support services.

Our support services include planning and requirements specification, asset acquisition, implementation, project management and ongoing computer system and network administration support services. Combining our long-term computer rental solutions with our extensive support and services offerings enables a completely flexible and cost effective Information Technology infrastructure program that can change and grow easily to support your organization.

Targeting small to medium sized enterprises, we can incorporate a completely flexible asset management service for rented equipment, ensuring that you always have the most suitable equipment and services for your needs. We also supply presentation equipment and solutions to the exhibition, conference and corporate industries.

Our approach is to give your company a single point of contact to resolve all of your IT requirements in a very efficient and cost effective way. We establish your 'personal' IT Manager that can be contacted for anything related to IT in your company.

Network Implementation

Cisco Solutions for Small Business by J.W.C. Inc., a Cisco Registered Partner
JWC provides complete integration, installation, testing and training services to implement your network solution. This includes the hardware, software, and connectivity services needed to integrate a solution into your current information environment. Our global business relationships, experienced staff and proven project management and status-tracking tools assure swift, trouble-free delivery of all services.

Once installation is complete we can test the network to verify that it performs as designed. Then we will train your staff to ensure optimum use and management of the network. Following full integration, JWC can conduct an analysis to compare actual outcomes with the design objectives.

Data Backup/Recovery

JWC can offer many backup options. We can install DAT tape or DVD backup systems and can provide remote data storage allowing you to stream your data to our secure backup servers. This will store your important data in a different location than your office so it is protected if a building catastrophe were to occur. We also offer a wide range of data recovery services, from simple in-office or on-bench recovery to the more involved disaster recovery of data on damaged drives.

Additional Options
We also recommend a radically simple-to-use and cost-effective backup and disaster recovery solution. For more information, please call 352-342-7706.

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